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Beyond the Shadows
by Robin Lee Hatcher

Category: Fiction / General
315 pages; ISBN: 0842355588

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Beyond the Shadows
Robin Lee Hatcher
Tyndale, 2004, $12.99, 315 pp.
ISBN: 0842355588

In 1955, Deborah Haskins receives grieving sympathy from her parents and her beloved Andy’s parents at his funeral. All she could think of is that it is not fair, as the two should have grown old together on their farm together. However, the Korean War cut short the life of the pious Sunday school teacher Andy; Deborah feels fifteen months seems unfairly and excessively short.

A few months after the funeral veteran Gideon Clermont, who served with Andy in Korea and attended the funeral, arrives at the farm to offer help to the widow. Andy was his best friend and saved his life. Not long afterward, surprising everyone who knows her and her love for Andy, Deborah and Gideon marry. However, Gideon is a gentle alcoholic who believes he pales next to the angelic aura of Deborah instead of the deeply religious Andy. This marriage seemingly in haste appears doomed unless they reach out to one another and the Lord with understanding that there is “a reason for every purpose under heaven”.

Deborah is the key to this wonderful inspirational character study as she feels somewhat like a female Job tested with the death of her first husband and the alcoholism of her second spouse. Gideon is a more complex person as he concludes that he is a shadow compared to Andy’s light and ironically as a carpenter to Jesus. Alcohol is his only way to escape BEYOND THE SHADOWS that engulfs him unless they turn to the Lord. Robin Lee Hatcher furbishes an intriguing historical Christian drama that readers of the sub-genre will highly value as entertainment and more significantly as encouragement.

Harriet Klausner


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