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King of Torts, The
by John Grisham

Category: Fiction / General
472 pages; ISBN: 0-440-24153-7

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


The King of Torts
John Grisham

Hardworking Public Defender Clay Carter is given a case he doesn't want. He talks to his client who cannot remember shooting anyone and has no explanation of why he did the shooting he does not remember. While trying to make sense of the young man's no motive crime, Clay is approched by a mysterious man, Max Pace. Pace shows Clay a report that lays the blame of his client's crime and some others that have occured in Washington, D. C. area to a drug company. Pace sets Clay in business to fight the drug company. I prefer not to give away this plot that held me spellbound, so will go no further.

John Grisham takes on greedy lawyers who specialize in class action suits to finance their lifestyles with little or no regard for the people who suffered injury, but rarely get much in the way of compensation for their problems. Most of the money goes to the shifty lawyers. He shows how a well-intentioned, honest man can be drawn into another world by the lure of fast money. This is one of John Grisham's best!


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