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The Silent House: A Chronicle of Aglirta
by Ed Greenwood

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
381 pages; ISBN: 0765308177

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Silent House: A Chronicle of Aglirta
Ed Greenwood
Tor, Jun 2004, $24.95, 381 pp.
ISBN: 0765308177

On Aglirta, resides Silent House, the Silvertree clan ancestral estate. For centuries, the dynasty consistently politically outwitted their foes. However, the real power behind Silvertree is wizardry for this clan consists of the most powerful wizards known on Aglirta. However, not as well known is the price paid for this prowess. Some would say curse, as souls become part of a depository controlled by the Silent House, which over two thousand Sirl Reckoning has become sentient, alive, and protective of its “wards”. These are the stories of ten lost souls sheltered by an increasingly intelligent essence.

This exciting anthology provides readers with an engaging look at Aglirta, world of the Band of Four series, but is much more than just a typical sword and sorcery collection. Each tale contains an underlying caution based on Lord Acton’s concept that power corrupts, etc. The key characters are often bewildered as to why they did a deed as Ed Greenwood cleverly delves into cause, effect, and after-effect through a person feeling guilt and questioning their motives though acting courageously. These heroes understand they make mistakes and though suffer pangs of sorrow, they can admit errors. Mr. Greenwood is at its best with this fine look at one of his not-Forgotten Realms.

Harriet Klausner


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