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Sparkling Together-Starbright and his Earthling Friends
by Jyoti Ma Illustrator:Chandra Devi

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
92 pages; ISBN: 0-932040-54-3

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Book Category: Children’s Picture

Sparkling Together – Starbright and his Earthling Friends

By Jyoti Ma with illustrations by Chandra Devi

Sky and Rose Heart are playing in their backyard when they discover a spaceship. The ship opens and there stands Starbright a boy from Planet Om, who invites the youngsters to come to a picnic on Om. Rose runs to ask her father, who is preoccupied and gives his permission without knowing what he has just agreed to. Off the three new companions go, traveling through the universe to Planet Om. The Star Family Fest is in full swing and a wonderful time is had by all. Lots of activity, friendly people and funny food like Milkyway cheese sandwiches and Pluto Potato Salad. Suddenly a meteorite smashed into the middle of the picnic and earthlings and people of Planet Om scatter. Later the children return to Planet Earth, happy and excited about their new friend and their wonderful adventure. Starbright returns and invites the children to come to his school for a visit. Another interesting and challenging adventure ensues for the three new friends.

This book is about friendship, co-operation and self-esteem. It focuses on many of life’s difficulties including the death of a grandparent and a pet.

Author Jyoti Ma taught children in San Fransciso before moving to Yogaville, Virginia a community based on the teachings of yoga. Illustrator and yoga instructor, Chandra Devi lives in Somerset England.

Excellent story format with colorful, exciting illustrations. Planet Om becomes a mystical magical place through the imagery of this talented illustrator. The lessons are cleverly disguised in the plot and the interaction between the characters is realistic and imaginative. Recommended for ages. 4-10.

Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews



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