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High Flyer, The
by Susan Howatch

Category: Fiction / Literary
500 pages; ISBN: 0-345-43948-1

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


Susan Howatch
500 pages
ISBN: 0-345-43948-1

Carter Graham is a high-powered, atheist, attorney in London; she had made a life plan and adhered to it overcoming her tawdry youth. She is now married to the man of her dreams. But her life begins disintegrating. Kim is not the man she believed him to be. His ex-wife keeps trying to talk to her, and once even manages to meet her in a grocery store. Is Sophie, her husband’s ex-wife the harridan Carter believes her to be? Is Kim the man he claims to be? Are there powers beyond Carter’s and Kim’s control that are wreaking havoc upon their lives? Carter is an avowed atheist, as is Kim. Kim had an unhappy childhood, the son of a Nazi, but he has become a respected London businessman, and also an attorney. He sometimes passes himself off as a Jew and an American, but he was born in Germany and reared in Argentina before moving to the United States with his mother and his mother’s second husband. The third husband then took Kim and his mother to Great Britain. When Carter’s high-flying wings are clipped can she really come to grips with herlife through help of the Church of England? Or is it all gutter-rot and fruity-loops as she often remarks?

THE HIGH FLYER is a book about good versus evil, a very interesting book with well-fleshed-out characters, but it would have been better about two hundred pages shorter. (The book is in very small print). Ms. Howatch goes over and over the same things, perhaps to stress them so the readers have her words thoroughly in their heads, but in my case, I began to find it boring. Not the whole book, but parts of it. Her premise was interesting enough for me to persevere to the end. And I’m glad I finished the tome. Susan Howatch is one of my favorite writers, so, perhaps, I expect too much from her.


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