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by Geoffrey Teller

Category: Fiction / Horror
183 pages; ISBN: 0-595-30946-1

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


Geoffrey Teller
183 pages

Richard Starr is an ex-cop, an alcoholic, and now a down on his luck homeless street person. He sees a woman in a rushing stream near where he hangs out. He tries to rescue her, but it appears she is being drawn under the water by something or someone. The author usually refers to the water as a creek or stream, but it must be a mighty one. It flows into a city tunnel. Within the tunnel is an entrance to underground passages and caves. Starr reports seeing the woman to the police. A woman college professor matching Starr’s description is missing. One policeman, Henderson, and Richard have been at odds for years, and Henderson doesn’t believe Starr, but would love to pin something on him. Later, Starr also sees two young boys head into the tunnel and not return. Starr decides to investigate the odd goings on himself and goes into the tunnels. Meanwhile, two of his street people buddies turn up missing or dead, and Starr is accused of one’s murder. In the tunnel, Richard Starr finds people either being killed or prisoners of giant crawfish. It seems some professor at the college has managed to turn small, harmless crawfish into rampaging monsters. The police, especially Henderson, of course do not believe Starr’s tales of intelligent, monster crawfish who are keeping humans prisoner. It is up to Starr to save the people and annihilate the crawfish.

Geoffrey Teller has the knack of making the impossible seem real. He leaves no stone unturned as he meticulously explains how and why things happen, even making the mutated crawfish plausible. If you are a fan of Steven King and others of his ilk, you will no doubt enjoy this macabre tale.

Blether Book Reviews– Jeannine Van Eperen, Reviewer


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