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Sword of the White Rose
by J. Adrian Lee

Category: Fiction / Historical
320 pages; ISBN: 0441011713

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Sword of the White Rose
J. Adrian Lee
Ace, July 2004, $14.00, 320 pp.
ISBN 0441011713

It has been three decades since Dylan Matheson, with the help of the fairy Sinann, traveled back in time, hoping to change history and stop Culloden from happening. In time both realizes that fate cannot be changed and Dylan prepares the clan to change so that when times hard times arrive they will survive. When Dylan dies, Ciaran becomes the Laird of Ciorram and Sinann makes her presence known to him. She tells him that his father doesn’t want him to go with Bonnie Prince Charlie to fight because the Highlanders will definitely lose.

Captain Radley of the English Dragoons and his daughter are stationed with other English soldiers at Clan Ciorram. At first, Leigh thinks the Highlanders are barbarians but when she comes to know Ciaran, she falls in love with him. When the English retreat to the lowlands, Ciaran makes the decision to fight for the Prince. When the time of battle looms, Leah sneaks out to find Ciaran, which she does with the help of Sinann. They will live or die together depending on her father’s decision.

This brilliant historical fiction brings to life the events that preceded Culloden and gives the audience a taste of how the Highlanders felt going into the war. Ciaran is like his father, brave determined, and loyal to the Highlanders and just like his sire, he made his own decisions no matter that they might bring about his death. J. Adrian Lee gives readers a magical yet historically accurate historical fantasy that is tragically haunting.

Harriet Klausner


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