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by Jennifer Weiner

Category: Fiction / General
368 pages; ISBN: 0743418166

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Everyone who knows the Philadelphia Examiner reporter Cannie Shapiro agrees she is a smart, funny, and a decent person. The plus-sized Cannie feels that her father never loved her or he would never had verbally abused her for her weight. Adding to her disgust of males, Connie learns that her boyfriend Bruce has been writing about the intimate details of their relationship in his Moxie Magazine column.

Once she recovers form the shock, Cannie wonders if she erred in dropping Bruce. She makes overtures to him to begin again, but he rejects her offers. When she realizes she is pregnant she informs Bruce by letter, but he ignores her. Cannie decides it is time to move on and refresh her life with new experiences even if they are risky at this moment.

GOOD IN BED is a beautiful adult fairy tale starring a heroine facing tests that would destroy a lesser person. Although this is Jennifer Weiner's debut, no one would realize that simply by just reading the cleverly constructing and amusing yet serious story. With more novels starring realistic characters in real world scenarios like this one, Ms. Weiner will surely earn superstardom status.

Harriet Klausner




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