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Forrest Tales - The Secret of The Labyrinth
by C.J. Lewis Published by Publish America

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
140 pages; ISBN: 1-4137-1035-2

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Swamy


"The Secret of the Labyrinth" is the first of Forrest Tales, a series of adventures featuring Edward Forrest. Written as a juvenile fantasy, the book is an extremely good read for adults too. I couldn't put the book down except for brief intervals necessitated out of fatigue. I had to finish it in one day. The story is good, the style is mostly good and the characterisation is very good. Most of the time, author C.J.Lewis succeeds in painting a vivid picture in the mind of the reader.

The book is not only about powers of light and darkness, but also the story of courage, withstanding temptation, learning to forgive and ultimately learning to 'be in the light'. The last few chapters of the book are spiritually very uplifting. Whether the present generation children will resonate with the lessons presented by Lewis is a debatable point. But the book is certainly an inspiring addition to every school, library and I would add, every home too, where a child lives.

I found a few editorial glitches but they do not interfere with the enjoyment or understanding.

I compliment the author, C.J.Lewis for an excellent effort and look forward to more offerings from her pen.


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