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Shoot the Moon
by Billie Letts

Category: Fiction / General
333 pages; ISBN: 0446500119

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Shoot the Moon
Billie Letts
Warner, July 2004, $24.00, 333 pp.
ISBN 0446500119

In 1972 DeClare, Oklahoma, eighteen-year-old Gaylene Harjo was stabbed to death in her trailer and her month old son Nicky Jack disappeared. For weeks the town was looking for him but the only trace of him were the pajama bottoms near the creek. The sheriff O Boy Daniels arrested someone for the murder of Gaylene and her son but many people thought he went after the wrong man, who died in prison.

Almost thirty years later wealthy Hollywood veterinarian Dr. Mark Albright checks into the motel in DeClare and hooks up with Teeve Harjo. He tells her he found out three weeks ago that he was adopted and his birth mother was Gaylene. He did not know that she was killed and he was presumed dead. He seeks information about his mother, his biological father and who transported him to California to be adopted. Instead he is shot at and jailed while a person is murdered, another commits suicide, and a third arrested, convicted and is sentenced to death row.

SHOOT THE MOON is more than a murder mystery; it is the story of one man’s need for answers surrounding the circumstances of his birth and adoption. Readers get to know Gaylene through the pages of her diary, the entries of which are sprinkled throughout Billie Lett’s latest blockbuster novel. The murder of Nick Jack’s mother affected the whole community in different ways and three decades later, many of them are still living with the consequences in this exciting, heartwarming and poignant thriller.


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