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Elated By Details
by Adam Freedman

Category: Fiction / Humour
241 pages; ISBN: 1-878044-99-0

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


Adam Freedman
Mayhaven Publishing
241 pages

ELATED BY DETAILS is a collection of a dozen award-winning short stories by an extremely clever author. “The Smell of Success” is my favorite and is a delightful story about a young substitute teacher, a would-be play write. His masterpiece is a play without dialogue. Gabriel Frond finally gets someone interested in producing his play which is based on smells, entitled “Life in an Ol’Factory Town” but this is complicated by Gabriel’s obsession for the smell of seaweed. “The Smell of Success” is nonsensically brilliant.

Another story is “The Secret Passion of an Artist.” Adam Freedman reverses stereotypes and we have an artist, who dreams of being a lawyer, who attends night school to achieve this goal, and of a beautiful successful model who longs to be a waitress. This is a wonderful premise. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read it.

The other ten stories are equally delightful. Adam Freedman is a witty and talented writer. He looks at the world, I believe, with a sardonic grin, and while reading his captivating stories, we grin with him. Mister Freedman’s work features quirky characters, most of which are loveable losers.

Jeannine Van Eperen
Blether Reviews


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