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Toto of Oz & The Surprise Party
by Roger S. Baum

Category: Fiction / General
30 pages; ISBN: 1-57072-284-6

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Norman Goldman


The following review was contributed by LILY AZERAD-GOLDMAN

The latest in a series of Roger S. Baum's children's book, Toto of Oz & The Surprise Party, is an adaptation from a book authored by this same author entitled, The SillyOZbul of Oz and Toto.

To fully appreciate Toto Of Oz & The Surprise Party, one should be familiar with The Wizard of Oz, that had been created by Roger S. Baum's great grandfather, L. Frank Baum.

The tale is a simple one, wherein Dorothy is invited to Glinda the good witch's birthday party and Toto is ordered to stay safely behind in Emerald City.

Predictably, Toto disobeys Dorothy, and decides to follow her to the birthday party.On his way he encounters several misadventures, however, he never forgets to bring along with him a present for Glinda, a bag of delicious chocolate chip cookies that he knows are Glinda's favourite. When he eventually arrives at the party all is forgotten and the chocolate chip cookies are devoured by one and all.

The story is aimed at 2-8 years and employs a sensitive and simple language that will be easily understood by this age group. Complimenting the spare narrative are the luxurious illustrations of Victoria Seitzinger.

The richly coloured and detailed paintings in pencil and watercolor give an overall lively effect, and the richly textured images of Toto's amusing expressions effectively portray his feelings.


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