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   Such A Girl

Such A Girl
by Karen A. Siplin

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0743475542

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Readincolor Reviewers


Such a Girl is a reflectively told novel that will grasp the mind of any reader who has ever questioned the choices they have made and the path that they have followed to bring them to the place where they are today.

Karen Siplin gives us the story of Kendall Stark, a phone operator at posh hotel with celebrity clientele. When one of the guests turns out to be the former boyfriend she dumped years before-with the approval of her friends, who thought that he was going nowhere fast and taking her along for the ride-it brings about a lot of questions for Kendall. Aside from the love that she is struggling not to still have for a now highly successful and engaged Jack Sullivan, Kendall now struggles with thoughts of her dead end job, her relationship with a co-worker who is a married man, her purpose in life and the choices she's made to get there. She evaluates the "unsuccessful" lives of herself and her friends as her ex comes back to gloat before the woman he never stopped loving and her judgmental friends.

Siplin writes in blow-by-blow motion that makes no to attempt to create a world for the reader, but rather states things as-a-matter-of-factly and leaves the rest up to the reader's imagination. Her talents are so great that she is able to do this and allow the words and motion to convey strong tensions and emotions between and within the characters. However, because of this writing style, some of the pivotal characters, namely Amy, Nick, and Gary, do not come off the page and tend to blend into one another or do not come across as uniquely as they possibly could.

Such A Girl is a moderately paced thought provoking novel as well as a subtle love story. This minimal drama story is a great alternative read from a writer with a highly distinctive and enchanting voice in fiction

Readincolor Reviewers
Cherlyn Michaels



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