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   Another Man's Wife

Another Man's Wife
by Shonda Cheekes

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 1593090080

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Readincolor Reviewers


Marriage is supposed to last forever. At least that's what Yani Fenton thought when she walked down the aisle. But one day when her husband Jarrin leaves and never returns Yani realizes that is only a dream.

After five years of celibacy and prayer that Jarrin will return, Yani decides to move on with her life. It's a hard choice but it's what she feels is best for herself and her children. With the assistance of a good friend Yani meets Alex Chance and begins a new life for herself. Alex is everything that she has ever wanted and then some. Not only is she smitten but her children are also. Realizing that love has given her a second chance she decides that she is finally ready to be Another Man's Wife. Everything is going well and and they are living out the fairytale that all women dream of. But life as Yani now knows it is gets really complicated when Jarrin decides to walk back in the picture.

Unsure of what is right or wrong anymore, Yani withdraws from her husband (Alex) to figure out what she should do. She is determined to do the right thing but isn't sure what the right thing is. Should she stay where she is or take a chance on what she was? There are so many choices but not enough time. Hopefully Yani will make the right one.

Shonda Cheekes has crafted a unique novel. It gives you a look at love from a different perspective. Touching and downright funny at times Another Man's Wife shows us that things don't always go as planned.

Readincolor Reviewers
Angie Pickett-Henderson



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