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A Gangster's Girl
by Chunichi Chunichi

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0974363650

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Readincolor Reviewers


Ceazia is a ghetto superstar. Although she has a job as a dental hygienist she wants to live the fabulous life. Vegas is a bad boy. He's a player and a hustler. He is just about everything that Ceazia is not trying to look for. But he just has that something.

Vegas becomes Ceazia's world and she slowly but unintentionally starts distancing herself from everyone else. Vegas is able to give her everything her heart desires but she always wants more. When Vegas gets locked up as all dope dealers do, she realizes that the life they are leading isn't going to be happily ever after. Pregnant and alone Ceazia starts taking an account of her life and she doesn't like what she comes up with. She's got to make some changes and fast. The only problem is she is so caught up in that fast life it's going to be impossible to come out of her situation unfazed. Ceazia loves Vegas with all her heart but is Vegas deserving?

A Gangster's Girl delivers all the drama that "Street Fiction" is so famous for. It doesn't promise the same fairytale ending that you get with many other novels. The honest, in your face action makes this one of the most realistic urban stories I have read. Chunichi has definitely found her writing niche and will have a great future on the Urban Fiction scene.

Readincolor Reviewers
Angie Pickett-Henderson



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