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Tastes Like Chicken
by Lolita Files

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0743245253

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Readincolor Reviewers


Reesy is finally ready to walk down the aisle. Well at least she thinks she is until a surprise greets her at the altar. In typical Reesy fashion she does what she does best, run. Unfortunately she loses a lot more than her dignity at the altar. Racked with frustration she heads off to California. With no one but Misty knowing her whereabouts she decides to start over. But she finds out that getting over Dante is not the easiest thing to do.

Misty is a newlywed and enjoying every minute of it. Still the consummate career woman she is not ready for all that comes along with marriage. Her husband Rick however is. Misty feels that they are really laying a solid foundation for their future until she finds a wastebasket full of pin pricked condom wrappers. Uncertain of anything anymore she turns to her girl Reesy to help her through.

Tyrone and Tyrene Snowden have been together for a few decades. Theirs is an unsinkable love, or is it? Unable to heal their daughter's broken heart and spirit they develop some interesting habits to help themselves cope. Can they make it last forever?

Tastes Like Chicken is funny from beginning to end. Ms. Files has done it again. In a hilarious follow-up to Scenes From A Sista and Getting To The Good Part, Lolita Files has brought our two favorite girlfriends back. Misty and Reesy are as crazy as ever and still up to their necks in Brotha Drama.

Readincolor Reviewers



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