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by Brenda L. Thomas

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0970380313

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Readincolor Reviewers


Threesome, the debut novel by Brenda L. Thomas is captivating right from the start. Sasha Borianni is a smart and sexy thirty-eight-year-old woman who is involved with Cole, a married man. After a night of passion, she thinks she hears something and turns toward her bedroom's doorway. Standing there with a loaded gun is Cole's wife Paulette. Cole, who is lying next to Sasha, wakes up and before he can ask any questions, the gun goes off.
This scene sets the pace not only for the novel, but also for the rollercoaster ride known as Sasha's life. After the traumatizing shooting, Sasha tries to get her life back on track, but it's difficult. The media will not let the story die plus her bedroom is a constant memory, forcing her to sleep downstairs.

When she is offered a dream job opportunity as a personal assistant to Phoenix Carter, one of the NBA's hottest players, Sasha jumps at the chance for a new career and a new beginning.

Although Phoenix is engaged to be married, he lives the fast life that many million-dollar making athletes lead. When he's not on the court, it's all about extravagant parties, fancy cars, expensive jewelry, and of course sex, and lots of it. At twenty-three years old, he is barely older than Sasha's son Owen, but she finds Phoenix irresistibly sexy and before long, the two are involved in a torrid affair. Not only is Sasha on-call as his assistant, but also she is at his beck and call in terms of sex. Although she feels guilty about her relationship with Phoenix it definitely has its perks, such as the Lexus SUV she now drives and other fine gifts including a diamond tennis bracelet. However, what she really wants is true love with a man that only she can claim. But does she deserve such a love?

Trent seems to think so. Trent, who Sasha meets at her best friend's house, is a handsome electrician who is the same age as Sasha and a romantic at heart. Inevitably, they quickly fall into a whirlwind romance. With political aspirations, Trent appears to be her dream man, but he has issues of his own. Unbeknownst to Trent, Sasha is sexually involved with Phoenix and can't say no. When she finally tries to end the affair, it turns out to be a dangerous decision.

Threesome is a page-turner that gives a glimpse of the fast life of professional athletes. At the same time it presents the interesting perspective of "the other woman." The biggest plus is the author's characterization of Sasha. Readers will love her or hate her and will certainly question "what is going on with this lady? Is this a midlife crisis at its worst?" The negatives about the book include the excessive name dropping of designer brands. Also, some parts of the novel, such as the lesbian encounter, seemed to be thrown in purely for shock value. All in all, Threesome is a good, fast read with intense sex and an unforgettable protagonist.

Readincolor Reviewers
Joan Burk-Stanford



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