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The Scrolls of the Ancients
by Robert Newcomb

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
532 pages; ISBN: 0345448960

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Scrolls of the Ancients
Robert Newcomb
Del Rey, June 2004, $26.95, 532 pp.
ISBN 0345448960

Prince Tristan killed his father Nicholas to prevent his sire from opening the portal that would allow the Heretics to enter the realm, allowing the Vagaries, those who practice dark magic to wipe out those who work for the good of mankind (the Vigors). The prince and his sister are the chosen ones who are supposed to bring into harmony the Vigors and the Vagaries but because of his Azur blood Tristan is not trained in the use of magic. Wizards Wigg and Faegan won’t teach him until they find a way to turn his blood red.

Nicholas’ legacy is being carried out by his acolyte Krassus who is searching for Tristan’s half-brother Wulfgar and the scrolls of the Vigors and the Vagaries. Using his magic he has conjured up an army of near invulnerable monsters to help him seek out what he needs to carry out his plan. When Wulfgar and the scroll of the Vagaries are brought to him, he is able to bring Wulfgar to the side of the Vagaries, setting up a confrontation between the two brothers for the future of the world.

Volume III of the Chronicles of Blood and Stone is the last book in an enthralling and memorable series. There are many otherworldly sentient who side with the protagonist and the antagonist and both sides are loyal to their individual masters. One has to put the villain who was transformed against his will into a power hungry man who wants to reshape the world in his own image. Robert Newcomb is a great worldbuilder who will be one of tomorrow’s superstars.

Harriet Klausner


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