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   100 Jolts

100 Jolts
by Michael Arnzen

Category: Fiction / Horror
160 pages; ISBN: 0974503126

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannette Trayser


100 Jolts actually features one hundred short shots of fiction guaranteed to stun. Arnzen has honed his craft to deliver the highest voltage using the fewest words.

According to the author "Horror is the genre of the jolt, the shock, the spark. The horror story's conflict is always a matter of life and death, but death...almost always comes too soon—that's why we fear it."

And now readers have a new reason to be afraid. One hundred new reasons!

100 Jolts is an excellect collection of stories. From three sentences to a few pages, each story is a tasty morsel of horror. A modern day writer of the Poe variety, Arnzen's words are served up on a delicious platter full of shock and delight.

The stories will chill you. More than anything, they will make your skin crawl long after you've read it. I would absolutely recommend it to both horror writer and reader alike.



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