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Flight Lessons
by Patricia Gaffney

Category: Fiction / General
388 pages; ISBN: 0-06-018528-7

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


Flight Lessons
Patricia Gaffney
Harper Collins Publishers
388 pages

After breaking up after a long, unfulfilling relationship, Anna, in her late thirties, returns to the city of her youth. She has promised to help out in the family restaurant as manager for several months. She and her Aunt Rose used to be close, but that ended when Anna at seventeen found Rose and her father together while Anna’s mother lie on her deathbed. Now, Anna must work with Rose. The two women are very alike. Rose wants to make amends. Anna would even like to be close to her aunt again, but their problems are many. During this time, Anna meets Mason, a photographer, who has many problems of his own. He almost died and is scarred due to a fire [I never did understand how this happened so either it wasn’t explained fully or I somehow missed it.] He suffers from several phobias, but he is a nice person and he and Anna are drawn together. Meanwhile, the man Rose now loves and who is Mason’s stepfather, is dying. The basis of the story is will Anna and Rose manage to put aside the differences and will Anna stick around or go off again.

This is a long story that would have been better with some editorial cuts. It goes over and over the same material, i.e. the relationship of Rose and Anna’s father, Anna’s feelings of betrayal, not only by them but also by her long-time lover, Jay with her best friend Nicole. Still, Flight Lessons is an interesting read, and contains interesting characters.


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