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by Susan C. Yarina

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
303 pages; ISBN: 0759940479

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Susan C. Yarina
Hard Shell Word Factory, Mar 2004, 303 pp.
ISBN: 0759940479

At Superstition Mountains, Arizona, Dr. Sara James knows from her cousin Caytlyn’s trip to the past (see TIME RIDER) that the plant Black Sage is the safest cure for snakebites though none seem to exist today. Sara wants to find Black Sage though Caytlyn’s husband, Matthew Joseph Barton Black Hawk warns her that 1882 is a very dangerous age for a twenty-first century person. Sara’s persistence persuades the couple to assist her on her quest.

Historian Barton Grey Wolf knows of Sara’s obsession as he suffers from unrequited love that he hides from her. When he learns of her plan to go back in time, he worries that she might break vows made by several people including his own ancestor the legendary Apache Shaman, Grey Wolf. Still to keep his beloved safe and to insure no one violates the oaths, Barton goes back in time without telling her as does her sibling Jeff, who seeks to locate the missing Dutchman’s gold. Sara is upset because she wanted to go, but also finds herself falling in love with Barton. She meets her brother’s girlfriend Patricia Shoemaker and they agree to go back in time without being accompanied by the men.

TIMEQUEST is an exciting adventure laden romantic tale with a pinch of Native American mythos. The story line is action-packed especially in the past, but most significant is that the audience will believe that the individuals traveled back to the late nineteenth century. The prime cast (the James siblings and their significant others) come across as fully developed so that their exploits make for a delightful read. The audience will not want to lose any time reading the finale once it is released.

Harriet Klausner


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