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by Stephen McCauley

Category: Fiction / General
314 pages; ISBN: 0684810549

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


If anyone believes that all people approaching forty are settled in their ways, Jane Cody will prove them wrong. Jane has a doting husband, a precocious six-year old, and works as a producer at a Boston pubic TV station. However, instead of elation, Jane is bored. She begins to clandestinely meet with her former husband who pushes her passion buttons like a magician, although he is married and a known philanderer.

Desmond Sullivan lives in New York City with his lover of five years, Russel. He feels he is losing his identity by being part of a couple so accepts a position at Danforth College in Boston. Jane's husband works just across the hall from Desmond. Jane and Desmond team up to further their careers as both instinctively know the other is discontented. When Desmond goes home for a weekend, he thinks he finds evidence that Joshua is cheating and ends up sleeping with Jane's brother, whose wife is pregnant. After messing up their lives, Jane and Desmond decide to tell their partner the truth and hope love weathers the emotional storm.

TRUE ENOUGH is an entertaining mainstream drama that stars two protagonists seemingly running in place, but not knowing that they go nowhere. Jane and Desmond are far from perfect, but that makes them interesting as they make mistakes in trying to do the right thing for everyone. Stephen McCauley provides a strong relationship drama that indicates he has quite a career ahead of him.

Harriet Klausner




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