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Christmas Homecoming Anthology
by Diane Noble & Pamela Griffin and Kathleen Fuller

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 0000000000

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


A great collection for any-time-of-the-year reading. This book will bring the real meaning and joys of Christmas to any reader.
First: A Place to Call Home
By: Diane Noble
A heart-warming tale of how the Christmas season can thaw the coldest of hearts and turn them to thoughts of family and love. Rory O'Kelly, fresh from Ireland, meets Dr. Olivia Endicott-Jones, a lady from a monied family who works in a free clinic, caring for the poor. They are thrown together in a conflict over an orphan baby Olivia wishes to adopt. Author Diane Noble weaves a tale of two hearts from two impossibly different backgrounds that will keep the reader happily enthralled. Her description takes the reader into the poor areas where immigrant populations gather and with penetrating insight lets the reader see how mutual prejudices must be overcome before an understanding of the hearts can be reached. A rich tapestry of colorful characters and varied backgrounds that will keep you reading.
Second: The Heart of A Stranger
By: Pamela Griffin
While traveling through the west, Susannah Pruitt and her cousin are stranded by a broken coach wheel. Justin Rossiter finds them and so begins a journey homeward for both Susannah and Justin. This is a tale of learning to let go of the past and forgiveness, lessons that will be with you long after you read the last page. Author Pamela Griffin takes the reader back to a time when life was cheap on the western frontier and danger could appear unexpectedly. With an awareness of these things, two people whose paths diverged as children must find understanding between them before they can become friends traveling the same road, an intriguing tale set in the old west.
Third: Christmas Legacy
By: Kathleen Fuller
Josephine Patterson is in for a shock as she enters attorney Rawlings' office. The lawyer tells her that she has to share an inheritance from her grandmother with Mr. Benjamin Akers and his children. Events force her to rise above her bluster about suing as she is forced ro remain on the family farm with Mr. Akers for a time. It is here she learns the ways of the human heart. This is a story of coming home. In spite of the tragedies that have marred their lives, two people learn home is more than a house and security is more than possessions.



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