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by Cynthia Thomason Five Star

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 1594140782

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


grab your parasol and top hat! You're about to embark on the mystery-laden Eli's Jubilee Palace with Gwen, Preston, and their mother, Lillian Barlow, heiress to her brother's showboat. Almost at once, Gwen becomes aware of an uneasy atmosphere aboard the boat as she meets the members of the acting troupe. The question arises as to whether Uncle Eli Willoughby's death was murder or accidental and Gwen determines to put the matter to rest so the Jubilee can move upriver to begin her career as a showboat and pay off the debts left by her uncle. The Jubilee attracts a strange mixture of characters while it is docked in Hickory Bend, Missouri. The old captain fired by Uncle Eli shows up, looking for his old job, a stranger applies for the same position, and a girl from town has decided she wants to be an actress and takes every opportunity to mix with the actors. Then one of the crew is killed, stabbed with his own knife. His death reinforces Gwen's notion that her uncle was murdered. The local constable agrees with her, but Gwen must find the killer's identity before the Jubilee can leave. And before tragedy can strike again. A page turner you won't want to put down, written by a talented author. A story with lots of surprises. You will enjoy the characters on board the Jubilee and on shore as well. A trip well worth the time, a story any reader will enjoy. Once you've read this story, you'll be looking for the next Jubilee Showboat mystery.



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