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Fairly Human
by Holly Fuhrmann

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
223 pages; ISBN: 1893896994

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Fairly Human
Holly Fuhrmann
ImaJinn, Apr 2004, $13.75
ISBN: 1893896994

Bernie has been appointed head of the Fairy Godmother bureau of Fairyland. He is elated with his assignment not so much because of the power imbued in his position (though that is nice), but because he can finally pound those three pain in the butts who somehow always succeed, Blossom, Fern and Myrtle. No Beltane Festival for these nuisances for he has an assignment for them that pleases him almost as much as his new wife does. Having obtained approval from the council, Bernie informs the trio they are being punished for breaking the rules. They will live as mortals among mortals for six months without magic and as their true selves, beautiful young women, not elderly godmothers.

They journey to Erie, Pennsylvania to live near the Aaronsons; a family they have helped in the past. The Aaronsons are pleased to see the trio, but a bit taken aback by their true form. In the big city, they find employment and soon have males wanting to date them. They enjoy their human stay, but that begs to ask what happens when their sentence ends. Will they choose the magic of Fairyland or the enchantment of Erie?

FAIRLY HUMAN is a terrific fantasy that hooks fans of the genre especially those of Holly Fuhrmann with a neat twist to end her enchanting fairy godmother novels by having the stories of the three heroines told. As usual in a Ms. Fuhrmann novel, the impossible seems possible and real as the key cast feels genuine including Bernie and his lovely spouse. The support characters feel like homecoming for those who have tasted the previous fantastic novels. Once again readers will be charmed.

Harriet Klausner


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