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The Norman's Bride
by Terri Brisbin Harlequin/Silhouette

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 03733292961

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


The only constant in life is change, in spite of what a person wants. And this is what William De Severin learns when he lets the world think he is dead by removing himself from the royal courts to a backwater fortress where he intends to live the rest of his life in solitude. But, as he learns, what one plans isn't always what happens. He rescues a young woman from certain death in the woods and nurses her back to health, only to find she brings change into his life. Isabel, as he decides to call her, has no memory of her past, a fact that could decide her future--whether she will retire to a convent or try to live without her memory. The Norman's Bride is an intriguing mix of mystery and romance set against the harsh realities of life in the primitive conditions and insecurity of the time of the Plantagenet kings. Any reader of historical romances will find this a pleasant and interesting story with well drawn characters. Talented Ms Brisbin has written a tale that will keep you turning the pages. Enjoy.



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