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The Killer Coin
by Doc Macomber PublishAmerica

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 1413700454

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


Do you like tales about the hunt for lost treasure? If so, then The Killer Coin will keep your attention and prove an intriguing read. A woman is murdered and the one clue the police have is a gold coin with a fingerprint on it. Problem is, the man has been presumed dead for several years. The New Orleans Police and the U.S. Military are both interested in this case because of that coin and the fingerprint and each sends its own investigator to find the dead man. An intriguing read that will hold your attention as investigators come up aagainst dead ends and lies. A modern-day pirate tale with even a boat included, where people aren't always what they seem. A fun read and something different by a talented author.



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