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Saranac Lake Revisited
by Shel Damsky Novelbooks, Inc.

Category: Fiction / Historical
0 pages; ISBN: 1591051355

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


What a great book!!! Mr. Damsky is an extremely talented writer who gives the reader something unique in style and story in Saranac Lake Revisited. A time-travel mystery with loads of atmosphere and great background. You'll meet famous people who sound as if Mr. Damsky writes of them from personal acquaintance. Legs Diamond and Ernest Hemingway to name two. Tony Flanders, a police detective has a bit too much to drink one night in August 1970 before going to bed. He awakens the next morning in August 1927 and finds, to his amazement, the people know him. By the time he figures out what has happened he is happily involved with a lovely lady who thinks someone is trying to kill her. And other agree with her. A highly recommended read from a new fan of Mr. Damsky's writing. It may be a mystery and a time-travel story, but it is also a great mainstream and romance. Worth the time for the great adventure it offers. Enjoy.



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