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Righteous Indignation
by Virginia C. Foley Virginia C. Foley & Virginia C. Foley Virginia C. Foley Infinity

Category: Fiction / General
486 pages; ISBN: 0-7414-0505-9

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Debi Salanitro


RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.(Infinity Publishing) This breakout novel by newcomer, Virginia C. Foley, is an emotionally packed powerhouse.
At 18 Cain Farrell has it all, looks, smarts, sweet girlfriend and almost assuredly a full baseball scholarship to the college of his choice.
In the blink of an eye that all changes when his knack of finding trouble seems to bury him alive. Full of raging hormones, a girlfriend a year younger than him and decidedly more innocent, Cain takes up with Carrie Willet. Her offer of a no-strings, physical only relationship is just what his teenage body needs, or so he thinks.
When Cain and Carrie are caught in a compromising position, she turns on Cain. Claiming acts of violence and rape have been forced upon her, she sends Cain into the worst tailspin of his life. He loses everything his home, college, baseball and Joanne, the girl he hoped to marry.
While the events of Cain’s life spin out of control Ms. Foley takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride right along with him. We can feel the oppressing heat as Cain toils in the sun doing hard labor. Pain hits our hearts when he is accosted by another inmate and his face raked across the bars and joy abounds when Cain finds a love, faithful and true that loves the real him.
Pick up Righteous Indignation and watch Cain Farrell grow from teenager to a man within the confines of a prison cell. Rejoice with him as he overcomes battles to get back his life and find the balance within it. Feel his frustration that the long arm of Sam Willet seems to be unending in it’s reach, and finally, smile when you realize Cain has become a part of you and you don’t want the book to end. I know I didn’t.
Virginia C. Foley is a wonderful story teller and does a phenomenal job at tugging readers heart strings. She resides in Chicago along with her husband of thirty plus years and is a middle school teacher, mom of three daughters and grandmother of two. Her second book, I Think I Hear Sleigh Bells is also published through Infinity Publishing and readers are anxiously awaiting the completion of her third.
Both books can be purchased through links on her website:

Debi Salanitro


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