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Losing the Moon
by Patti Callahan Quest

Category: Fiction / General
384 pages; ISBN: 0451211952

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Losing the Moon
Patti Callahan Quest
NAL, May 2004, $12.95, 384 pp.
ISBN: 0451211952

Amy and Phil Reynolds leave their home in Darby, Georgia to visits their son Jack attending Saxton University in order so their child can introduce his parents to his first serious girlfriend Lisbeth and her parents. At the college, Amy receives the shock of her life. Lisbeth’s father is Nick Lowry, the love of her life when they attended school together before he left without a word.

Twenty-five years of marriage to a nice man and in a matter of a blink Amy knows that her heart has been telling her that she never got over Nick. He feels the same way as years of marriage to Eliza means nothing. Nick and Amy know they must ignore their feelings, but when he and his spouse relocate from Maine to Garvey, the temptation to betray their respective families has become astronomical.

LOSING THE MOON is an intriguing family drama in which the actions, including the option of doing nothing, of the protagonists will have adverse consequences on caring people who love them. The key to the tale is that no one is a villain or abusive person; in fact the support cast is nice people who do not deserve any hurt, but life and relationships are never simple. Fans of character driven contemporary tales filled with candid emotion, but no major action will take delight with this warm novel in which someone will be harmed regardless of the path(s) the lead duo choose.

Harriet Klausner


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