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by Rosanne Bittner

Category: Fiction / Historical
366 pages; ISBN: 0312865139

Rating: 1/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In 1855 in a remote part of the Lakota Nation, four white buffalo hunters see the skin of a white buffalo for the first time near a single Indian teepee. Though fearful, the quartet decides to steal the pelt. Causing a diversion, they filch the hide.

Responsible for protecting the hide, Buffalo Dreamer and Rising Eagle are stunned at the loss of one of the People's most sacred talismans. They know that as long as the Lakota possessed the white buffalo, fortune would be their companion. Now the tribe faces hard times as the whites led by their cavalry seem greater than the sands and no treaty is sacred. As the people starve, MYSTIC WARRIORS try to regain what was lost in land and more significantly the white buffalo even though they face impossible odds.

MYSTIC WARRIORS, the third tale in Rosanne Bittner's "Mystic Dreams" series, is a tremendous ending to an incredible historical fiction trilogy. The story line is exciting, poignant, and dramatic as the audience sees the intrusion of whites on the Lakota mostly through the eyes of the Indians. The cast including real persona like Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. The fictionalized characters seem genuine as well which adds to the feel of observing a great people's struggle to survive. Ms. Bittner shows she is one of the genre's best as her audience will seek the previous two novels (MYSTIC DREAMERS and MYSTIC VISIONS).

Harriet Klausner




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