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Miranda Blue Calling
by Michelle Curry Wright

Category: Fiction / General
307 pages; ISBN: 0060561432

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Miranda Blue Calling
Michelle Curry Wright
Avon, Apr 2004, $13.95, 307 pp.
ISBN: 0060561432

Six years as a Broadway icon for failure makes Miranda Blue wonder if she should leave Manhattan for her home town of San Francisco or her childhood vacation spot in Colorado. Her sister just back from India adds to Miranda’s need to look within, but somewhere else. She realizes she has failed with men and failed with everything except the city transit system to include the ferry. Since San Francisco feels like the west coast equivalent of where she is now, Miranda decides to go rural, vowing no men as she relocates to Otnip, Colorado.

Knowing she has a gift of gab, Miranda starts a telecommunication service for senior citizens. Her neighbor, Billy Steadman is a hunk, but his garden house efforts to reach her are rejected by Miranda who adheres to her no male pledge. Billy tries to get to her heart through her dogs and she cannot help but feed his fish. As the temptation of Billy rises, Miranda decides to ignore her resolution and take the plunge, but alas he has a secret and soon leaves without word ending their relationship before it can forge into anything permanent.

MIRANDA BLUE CALLING is an engaging chick lit tale starring a delightful protagonist whose wit and observations keep the tale focused. Miranda is a terrific lead character while the somewhat enigmatic Bill is a steady counterbalance trying to break down her resistance using every trick in the book especially her canines and his fish. Fans of insightful character studies will want to call Miranda Blue as she struggles to do what is right for herself.

Harriet Klausner


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