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Dark Corner
by Brandon Massey

Category: Fiction / Horror
256 pages; ISBN: 0758202490

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: akaivyleaf


Who? Did you say Stephen King? Dean Koontz? The best horror/suspense writers of today? Then you haven’t taken the time to read Brandon Massey for his latest novel, Dark Corner draws you into its liar on page one and turns you loose many sleepless nights later. Simply mind numbing and captivating would best describe this horror flick that I fully expect to find its way to the silver screen. A masterful tale full of edge of the seat terror that keeps the reader suspended until the end. Not to take anything away from Stephen King, Dean Koontz and others, but its great to see talent of this magnitude materialize in writers of Mr. Massey’s generation.

Meet David Hunter, son of a famous writer, Richard Hunter who hails from Mason’s Corner, Mississippi. After his fathers’ untimely death and the lack of a father-son relationship growing up, David decides to find out what he can about this mystery of a man by leaving his home in Atlanta and journeying to his fathers home to live for a year or two. Horror brews in this quiet and quaint town where up until now, Richard Hunter was the most notable citizen. The pot is stirred when Kyle flies in from Paris to take up residence in the haunted mansion of the town’s founder, Edward Mason. Kyle too is looking for his father, Diallo and when David and Kyle’s paths cross, good versus evil takes on new meaning. Kyle is the son of vampires and even among their ranks there is a sense of justice. Being a small town, full of curious folk who are eager to meet and discuss their two newest residents, strange and sinister things begin to unfold and these things are noticed by quite a number of people. A number of deeply winding plot twists take David and his friend Nia, the police chief Van Jackson and his son, the towns self proclaimed historian, Franklin and his wife Ruby on a journey that no one will forget in pursuit of destiny outlined by David’s Great Grandfather over a century ago.

Masterfully written, Dark Corner enthralled me. Mr. Massey’s use of the English language impressed me along with his innate ability to tell a story made this giant of a book a breeze to read. The characters, were diverse and well developed and easily kept track of. Best of all, this horror novel scared me so it did its job.


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