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   The Lurker at the Threshold

The Lurker at the Threshold
by H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth

Category: Fiction / Horror
190 pages; ISBN: 0786711884

Rating: 1/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannette Trayser


"He is not to open the door which leads to the strange time and place, nor to invite Him Who lurks at the threshold ..." went the warning in the old family manuscript that Ambrose Dewart discovered when he returned to his ancestral home in the deep woods of rural Massachusetts.

Dewart's investigations into his family's sinister past eventually lead to the unspeakable revelations of The Great Old Ones who wait on the boundaries of space and time for someone to summon them to earth. Acclaimed cult horror writer H. P. Lovecraft's notes and outlines for this tale of uncanny terror were completed by August Derleth, his friend and future publisher.

This novel was mostly written by Derleth and it shows. The mass of narrative at the beginning, and mixed in with the rest of the book, had me struggling to keep interest.

Spend time more wisely by reading something written solely by Lovecraft instead of force-feeding the words.



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