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by Gerald Allen Wunsch

Category: Fiction / General
116 pages; ISBN: 1410736997

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Christine Louise Hohlbaum


The Dog Days of Summer

At first glance, Gerald Allen Wunsch’s book, Curiosity, is a story about a fifth grader’s summer visit to her grandparents’ house in Southern Indiana. Ginger Wanamaker narrates the story from her eleven-year-old perspective. Her best friend, Irene Fong, and she have many adventures during their month-long stay with Grandma Abby and Grandpa George. The wire fox terrier, Laird, also plays an integral role in the story.

After just a few pages, however, the reader notices the educational value of Curiosity. Wunsch offers helpful questions at the end of most chapters such as “Want to know more about the study of genealogy?” or “Want to know more about the country of Suriname?” As a former career diplomat, Wunsch interweaves his rich background in an informative index which covers a variety of topics: The Wire Fox Terrier, The Country of Suriname, MG-T Series Sports Cars, Genealogy, Slavery in America and the Underground Railroad, Buffalo Nickels, and Underground Railroad web sites.

While the questions at the base of each chapter may be somewhat intrusive for the average adult reader, the book is ideal for fifth-graders.

This well-edited book is a wonderful read, full of adventure with an educational twist to which many young readers can relate.


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