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Finding the Right Spot
by Janice Levy

Category: Fiction / Education
46 pages; ISBN: 1-59147-073-0

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Christine Louise Hohlbaum


Finding the Right Spot has a double meaning in this superb book of the same name. It is a story of disappointment and reconciliation for a little girl placed in foster care and the dog who is unapproachable until she finds just the right place to touch him. Geared towards ages 6 through 12, Finding the Right Spot by Janice Levy teaches the reader to grasp the perspective of a child who cannot live with her parents.

Whatever the reason for the child’s placement in a home outside his or her own, this book offers ways for the child to relate to the protagonist’s emotions of anger, sadness, hope, and disappointment. It is equally appropriate for adults who work with children living without their parents.

“She’s not coming,” the little girl says as she waits and waits for her alcoholic mother to arrive at her birthday party. The grave disappointment she experiences reinforces the reason she is not with her mother. In another section, her foster mother, Aunt Dane, allows her to pound the pizza dough until the house shakes. In the book, the little girl is allowed to show her anger and confusion.

Alcoholism, shelter living, and feelings of displacement are handled with great aptitude. The book touches at the heart of every person’s emotions, big or small. Finding the Right Spot is a well-written book with exceptional illustrations that speak to all children. A helpful guide at the end, written by Jennifer Wilgocki, M.S. and Marcia Kahn Wright, Ph.D., breaks down the text into digestible parts for the adult reader. Finding the Right Spot is ideal for teaching school-age kids about all types of families, including non-traditional models.

I highly recommend this book for its approach to foster care living both for children and for the people who care for them.


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