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   The Hour Before Dark

The Hour Before Dark
by Douglas Clegg

Category: Fiction / Horror
384 pages; ISBN: 0843951427

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannette Trayser


There are secrets buried on Burnley Island.

Within the rooms of Hawthorn, beautiful Brooke Raglan has begun to go mad. She sees faces at the windows and wanders the night, trying to find what she believes is a monster.

Bruno Raglan has wiped the memory of a terrible event from his mind. Now he compulsively picks apart Hawthorn and discovers that within its walls lies a forbidden secret.

As he unravels the mysteries of his past and a terrible night of his childhoodd, Nemo witnesses something unimaginable . . . and sees the true face of evil . . . while Burnley Island comes to know the unspeakable horror that grows in the darkness.

By far the best read of Clegg's books. A good page-turner with plenty of twists.



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