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by Michelle Hauf

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
416 pages; ISBN: 0373802064

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Michelle Hauf
Luna, May 2004, 416 pp.
ISBN: 0373802064

The French soil runs blood red from the battles between monarchs Henry VI and Louis VIII. The English king holds Paris thanks to the power of Lucifer de Morte and his brothers who take what they want including using innocents for bloody entertainment. On the eve of Seraphim d’Ange’s wedding, Lucifer and his minions attack the castle killing everyone but the bride and her servant Baldwin.

She resolves to kill de Morte and his relatives, which would free France from the evil hold he has on the nation. Seraphim dons black battle gear of a knight and kills two of the de More kin. She also meets the mysterious Dominique St. Juste who informs her that he is her protector when she goes off to kill the rest of her enemies. Two more de Mortes taste death, but Seraphim knows her biggest challenge waits her with Lucifer in the wings.

Seraphim are one of the Powers that reside in heaven, but can be reborn on earth to battle the minion of the Fallen. Whether the heroine is one of these angelic souls is up to the reader, but clearly she has been reborn after the massacre to avenge her family. She falls in love with Dominique, a fairy sent to protect his beloved. History, fantasy, and romance are cleverly blended into a creative beautiful adult fairy tale that will charm an enthralled audience.

Harriet Klausner


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