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Pledge of Honor
by Lori L Anderson

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
290 pages; ISBN: 1413407102

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


Pledge of Honor is a wonderful mixture of Star Trek, Merlin and Alien Abduction all mixed into one riveting story of love between two different cultures. It even goes one step further as the lovers are from two different worlds. Lori Anderson includes in her story a human which allows us to have a believable character in Jamie MacGivens, a young woman who has been abducted by an alien race known as the Berloff. Jamie finds herself an unwilling prisoner of the Berloff leader, Locom, who makes her comply with his every wish with an amulet she wears.

Jamie is not the only prisoner of this race. People from the Berloff’s own world, the Elosians, are also captives. The Berloff use the men as workers and the women as breeding stock. The young leader-to-be, Keenu of the Elosian race, has been sent to free his people by locating a person known as “The One”. What Keenu doesn’t expect to find is that The One is his grandfather as he has been told he is dead; nor does he expect to be captivated by Jamie’s beauty and tenacity.

After learning who The One really is, the set off together to free their people. To do so, they allow themselves to be captured by the Berloff. Locom is suspicious of the pair and question them intently. During Keenu’s questioning, he finds a way to release Jamie from the spell of the amulet and she, in turn, finds a way to free the captives.

Once free, Keenu, Jamie, The One and Tony Stone, another human captive, begin the long trek back to Keenu’s village. Along the way, there are misadventures, plants and animals foreign to the humans and even another race that all try to heed their passage. As in all good adventure stories, the group, minus one lost to death, make it back to the village but not before Keenu and Jamie find themselves attracted to each other; even if Jamie won’t admit it right away.

Keenu’s parents are not at all fond of the idea of marriage between their son and Jamie. They are even less inclined to agree to the marriage when they discover Keenu has initiated a “Pledge of Honor” between himself and Jamie. When they try to break the bond between the young people, it goes horribly wrong and Keenu falls into a vegetative state.

With so much happening, The One returns Jamie to Earth where she finds her mother has died and the police are following her because they suspect she has been abduction by aliens. Jamie simply refuses to tell them anything and is grief stricken over her mother’s death which occurred only days before her return. In the end, Keenu comes for her to make her his consort – oh my – you say Keenu was in a vegetative state? You are right and to find out what happened to overcome this, you will need to buy this novel by an up and coming new author. Personally, I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.



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