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Always the Bridesmaid
by Sarah Webb

Category: Fiction / General
400 pages; ISBN: 0060571667

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Always the Bridesmaid
Sarah Webb
Avon, Mar 2004, $13.95
ISBN: 0060571667

As she closes in on thirty, Amy O’Sullivan wonders how she failed at life. It is bad enough that she just broke up with her boyfriend who is sleeping with an ex friend of hers, but she now lives in her parents’ home. Adding to her despondency is her younger sister Suzi has brought an Australian fiancé Matt Street to live with the O’Sullivans and Amy’s best friend is engaged too. Perhaps her only satisfaction is her place of employment as the “Story Princess” telling tales to children, but depressingly to Amy none of her own.

Alcohol fails to take the edge off her jealousy that her sibling and buddy are both getting married while she will play second fiddle as a bridesmaid. Her dejection makes her miss a real opportunity with a hunk of a children’s author who likes Amy even though she acts nasty towards him. Will she overcome her sad fog to see the light of love or will she remain a melancholy loser?

Sarah Webb enables the audience to see very deeply inside the soul of Amy, but that is a two-edged sword as the audience feels empathy towards her, but they will also dislike her destructive behavior especially how she treats the men in her relationships. Fans of a serious chick lit character study will enjoy this tale in spite of detesting Amy’s behavior and hope she will find happiness.

Harriet Klausner


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