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Along Comes a Legend
by Tammy L. Boulds

Category: Fiction / Historical
207 pages; ISBN: 1413701442

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Along Comes a Legend
Tammy L. Boulds
Publish America, 2003, 207 pp,
ISBN: 1413701442

On the Circle Bar M Ranch in the New Mexico Territory, Charlene “Charlie” McCuan works extremely hard with the cattle though she is daughter to the owner James. Charlie hates her widower father for his mistreatment of her and his other children. Lightning spooks the herd and Charlie saves the lives of trapped Garrett Steele and his young sister. Charlie escorts Garret and his sibling to her home because he has business with her father.

James starts to smack Charlie for leaving the herd, but Garrett stops him. Garrett informs James that he and Maddie are the children of James' deceased stepbrother and that he and his sibling own a quarter share of the ranch each, and plans to remain there. James will not share what he believes is his. He waits to exploit the intruder’s weakness: loving Maddie. As Garret protects Maddie, Charlie and others love blossoms. However, Garret wonders if her feelings are from gratitude and Charlie questions whether a hunk could find anything feminine in a ranch hand like her. James has a new weapon to exploit.

ALONG CAME A LEGEND is a deep western tale with much romance that focuses on life and relationships in nineteenth century New Mexico Territory. The story line is terrific in painting an incredible landscape of the era. Fans will appreciate the heroic retired law man who protects those with no defense against bullies. The support cast adds depth especially to the era. James knows he is above the law, but his irrational behavior towards everyone seems overly done to portray him as a malevolent lunatic in an otherwise wonderful good vs. bad High Noon tale.

Harriet Klausner


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