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The Last Light of the Sun
by Guy Gavriel Kay

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
512 pages; ISBN: 0451459652

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Last Light of the Sun
Guy Gavriel Kay
Roc, March 2004, $24.95, 512 pp.
ISBN 0451459652

The kingdoms fight each other and within each realm; feuds are the order of the day. The Erlings of Vimmark are feared for their vicious naval raids done due to a barren and cold land for much of the year. In Cyngael, the clans are constantly feuding and raiding while Anglcyn is a land that is growing stronger and larger thanks to the leadership of King Aeldred. When sibling Princes Dai and Alun are caught in an Erling raid, Alun sinks into a depression.

The cleric of Cyngael, Ceinion of Llywerth, accompanied by Alun, decides to travel to Anglcyn and the court of King Aeldred. While there, mercenary troops start raiding,. They are led by the man that killed Alun’s brother. The attempt is foiled but the killer escapes and persuades the mercenaries to travel to Arberth to kill Brynn and retrieve a valuable sword. Aeldred’s son Athelbert, Alun and an Erling in service to Brynn’s wife prepare the villagers for the coming battle.

THE LAST LIGHT OF THE SUN is a very special fantasy novel that will be read in one sitting because readers will find it impossible to put down. Guy Gavriel Kay is a fantastic world builder drawing on facts from the Middle Ages including the Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Celts. Though it is difficult to keep track of the exploits of the various characters (just read the two paragraphs above for a rudimentary idea), the key cast members feel genuine, three dimensional and at least the good guys are very likeable even with flaws. This is a world one would want to revisit to see how the sun rays reflect on the next generation.

Harriet Klausner


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