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Vera and Eddy's War
by Sam Smith BeWrite Books

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 1904224970

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


A very enjoyable read. Vera and Eddy's War has a definite nonfiction flavor in that it reads like a journal of events in World War II. However, it is more than a journal. it's characters live, move, breathe and react to things about them and things that are happening in this period. The story is told on multi-planes, a war of nations, a war for survival, a war to find their niches in life, a war of the hearts. It is a history of war, families, and nations on a very personal level. Any history buff will delight in the minute details that make up the daily lives of the characters and give one a thorough understanding of how they dealt with hardships caused by war. Vera and Eddy are two young people just starting to find their ways in life when everything is thrown into chaos by the war. They are forced to live on day at a time, knowing the unexpected lurks around the corner. As the war changed nations, it also changed the lives of their people, making strangers of two young lovers. The adjustment the world hd to make in the aftermath of war was match by the adjustments required of Vera and Eddy as they tried to get their lives back to normal. I recommend this book highly. It is written with humor and compassion and leaves the reader with a sense of having visited an era when the world lost ints innocence. Give it a try. Enjoy the work of a very talented author.



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