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   N is for Noose

N is for Noose
by Sue Grafton

Category: Fiction / Crime
322 pages; ISBN: 0 330 34877 9

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: South African Book Review


The Kinsey Millhone novels are just about the most consistently satisfying sleuthing series that can be found. The sassy Californian private eye is wonderfully believable: a woman with a serious attitude and no dress sense, but as dogged as one can find.

If you haven`t yet discovered the series, you have half an alphabet worth of great reading awaiting you. If you are already an admirer, all you will want to know is that there is a new one on the shelves.

In N is for Noose, Millhone makes a detour through a small town in the Sierra Nevada to check out a potential new client. She is promptly hired by the suspicious widow of sheriff`s detective Tom Newquist, who ostensibly died of a heart attack, to check out whether he was keeping secrets from her.

Newquist`s past seems exemplary, which makes it even more puzzling to Millhone that so many people are determined to thwart her inquiries. Then she discovers a clue: a childish drawing of a piece of rope fashioned into a hangman`s noose.

William Sanderson-Meyer - SABR


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