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by R.A. Salvatore

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
401 pages; ISBN: 0345430409

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In Palmaris, Baroness Jilsepone ruled with a velvet but firm glove that meant more peace for the residents in 839 than they tasted in over a decade. Jilsepone understands the darkness because she once fought against the demon's minions, losing her husband and child in the process. King Danbube of Ursal wants to make Jilsepone his wife and queen.

She accepts his offer of marriage knowing that a queen can help the people much more than a baroness even though she knows the nobles laugh at her peasant background. Jilsepone has many enemies, but her most dangerous
foe is Aydrian, the son she thought had died on the battlefield years ago. Instead, the fairies abducted him and trained him to be their tool in ridding the world of the demon taint. Unlike his caring parents, Aydrian lies and steals from his benefactors who force him to finally leave. On the road he meets were-tiger De'Unnero who Jilsepone disgraced years ago. Together they plan to put their mark on the world starting with Jilsepone and her new husband.

R.A Salvatore is a maestro who can make his audience believe in worlds that never existed and in creatures that never walked the earth. Jilsepone is quite the caring heroine while her son is quite the villain, making for
one heck of an Oedipus scenario. ASCENDANCE is a powerful fantasy that has many questions go unanswered. This leaves an anxious fan base waiting for the release of the second "Demons War" saga.

Harriet Klausner


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