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Wild Turkey
by Michael Hemmingson

Category: Fiction / General
157 pages; ISBN: 0312878737

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In San Diego, thirty-something Phil and Tina Lansdale seems to be on the right tract, American style. They have two children, live in a nice house, and seem to share a happy relationship. Phil is a lawyer while Tina works for the Social Security Administration. However, after a series of incidents, Phil not only losses his job, but the California bar forbids him from practicing for five years. Because of his solid investments, Phil and Tina agree that he can work as a househusband for now.

Staying home allows Phil to notice the neighborhood and even meet neighbors, something he never did before. He becomes friends with retired cop Bryan Vaughn and part-time college instructor David Larson. The trio salivates over English expatriate Cassandra Payne until someone kills her banker-husband. While Bryan and David believe Cassandra arranged a hit, Phil becomes bolder and soon begins a strange affair that he knows can only end tragically.

WILD TURKEY is a strange relationship drama focusing on an individual whose descent into moral decay is cleverly observed by the reader as one shock after another hits the nervous system. The story line is an erotic Noir that requires a one read sitting and a fifth of booze handy. The moral collapse of Phil and Cassandra's femme fatale adds to quite a tale that requires a warning label with some of its showering golden graphic scenes. Michael Hemmingson is quickly earning the reputation by genre fans for his heady writing (see THE NAUGHTY YARD).

Harriet Klausner


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