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by Helen A. Rosburg

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
87 pages; ISBN: 0974363901

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Ellie and the Elven King
Helen A. Rosburg; illustrated by Cherif Fortin & Lynn Sanders
Medallion, , 2003, $24.95, 87 pp.
ISBN: 0974363901

While Elliana Munson mourns the loss of her beloved sister Rhiannon, she also knows her sibling has given her an opportunity to escape from her nasty spouse George at least some of the time. Elliana has inherited Rhiannon’s large estate including a horse farm though she must spend a stipulated amount of time each year at the farm. George is irate that she cannot spend the money that is tied up in a trust fund; he also has no plans to join her amidst the horse manure. Her sister’s final letter beseeches Elliana to be happy and to send her off like they did their cherished mother.

King Valdemar of the Elves mourns the loss of his beloved Rhiannon. Without his dearest queen, he worries that his people will soon vanish from existence. Elliana rides in the field to honor Rhiannon’s final wish; Two fairies see her and take her to Valdemar. He and Elliana realize that their beloved Rhiannon has sent each of them the most precious gift one can receive: love.

ELLIE AND THE ELVEN KING is a simplistic beautiful fairy tale romance that is aimed at adults, but children will enjoy also. The story line can stand on its own, but the illustrations add depth to the remarkable Rosburg realm. Though the spouse offers nothing redeeming and readers will wonder why the heroine waited so long to leave this pathetic loser, the lead couple is a delight and through their eyes, fans gain a picture of the fabulous Rhiannon. Helen A. Rosburg and the illustration team of Fortin & Sanders will make readers believe in the magic of love.

Harriet Klausner


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