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   Revealing the Bible’s Truth

Revealing the Bible’s Truth
by Robert Barbaria

Category: Non-fiction / Religion
460 pages; ISBN: 1-929400-80-2

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jenn Hollowell


Publisher: Enlighten Noah Publishing; (2003)

It’s no mystery we’re living in a time of change. More and more people are stepping forward with their proclamations, rather than keeping it secret as so many from the past once did. What does this mean for our future? Are the prophecies unfolding? Why is God speaking out so much now? Or, has he been speaking all along to those who weren’t open to receiving or those who thought they were going crazy?
“Conversations with God” are rampant as are writings about them. This review focuses on one the most revealing cases to cross my desk since I entered into the writing and publishing industry a decade ago. Robert G. Barbaria, author of Revealing the Bible’s Truth, exemplifies this case. He delivers a truly educational and powerful message in the contents of each of his seven chapters. The first twenty-six pages tell his story, the remaining breaks down the Bible by describing and explaining the content.
Revealing the Bible’s Truth is more than a personal experience of one man's journey to find God; it's also a manual for others interested in the same pursuit. It also goes beyond one man’s experience with “conversations with God.” Not only does he express what these conversations entailed, he also breaks the message God instructs him to deliver into great detail.
So, what is the best use for this book? Here are some examples:
• Bible Studies: groups meet to break down the Bible and decipher in order to obtain a greater understanding. This book would aid in that effort.
• Small Group Discussions: with the Bible Study format in mind, this book would also supplement those gathering to discuss specifics about the Bible.
• Religious Book Clubs: those that are part of a group that meets after reading a book would certainly have more than enough to discuss by adding this to their collection of titles.
• Gifts: it seems everyone knows someone else who’s “searching.” Why not give a gift that will answer the tough questions and prompt them to want to dig deeper into the Bible?
The Bible’s truths are revealed with each turn of the page. Thought I wouldn’t recommend this publication to a novice, I do believe this book is an asset to anyone with that thirst. While it isn’t exactly what will quench that thirst, it certainly points searchers down the right path. Readers find themselves deep in scripture and explanations, so the requirement to companion this book with a King James Bible (version 1611) shouldn’t be taken lightly.



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