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Angels on Crusade
by Jennifer Macaire

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
300 pages; ISBN: 1591051401

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Angels on Crusade
Jennifer Macaire
Novel, 2003, 221 pp.
ISBN: 1591051401

Felon Isobel is provided a choice. She can remain in solitary prison reproducing eggs having done so for the past decade or she can attain her freedom by doing a minor errand. To get out of her incarceration, Isobel must travel back to in time to keep a relatively nothing Jean de Bourbon-Dampierre from joining the Christian soldiers enlisting as part of the Eighth Crusade. If Jean should die as everyone who went to the Promised Land on this doomed mission did, his descendants cease and thus the Bourbon rule of France never occurred.

Isobel understands the stakes that if she succeeds on her endeavor she will be free but living in the Dark Ages. If she fails to keep Jean from a date with death, the Time Correction Foundation will erase this period, which means the trapped in time Isobel will cease to exist. Making things even worse is the youthful Jean sees this as the adventure of a lifetime.

ANGELS ON CRUSADE is an exciting time travel tale that seems so realistic especially when Isobel meets the teenage Jean and finds he is nothing even remotely close to his dossier. The story line is exhilarating as Isobel seems like a displaced person moving back over fifteen hundred years yet is the perfect selection by the omnipotent TCF because her prison time has made her submissive enough to fit at home in the past. Fans of medieval tales with time travel twists will appreciate this powerful story that hopefully leads to more TCF angels on the prowl.

Harriet Klausner


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