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To Ride Hell’s Chasm
by Janny Wurts

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
678 pages; ISBN: 1592220231

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


To Ride Hell’s Chasm
Janny Wurts
Meisha Merlin Feb 2004, $25.00, 678 pp.

The small kingdom of Sessalie has known peace for centuries because the mountains that surround it keep enemies out. It is a happy place and the people are pleased that Princess Anja is marrying the crown Prince of Devall because that means the kingdom will have seaport access for the merchants. On the eve of Princess Anja’s betrothal dinner, she doesn’t show up and a search of the castle finds her gone.

The clothes she was to wear are found in a utility closet which means she left on her own free will. Nobody understands why she left since it is widely known she loves her prince but when Mykkael the captain of the Garrison, sees a witch ward outside the closet he begins to understand. Bound by oaths to keep her safe, he sets out after her. Before he leaves he instructs those in charge of the royal’s safety how to stay warded against a sorcerer and his minions. When the captain and the princess join forces, they must find shamans willing to keep her safe and rid Sessalie of the abomination that wants to rule it.

This is a stand-alone epic fantasy that is full of action and adventure TO RIDE HELL’S CHASM is a complex sword and sorcery novel whose protagonist is a man of honor, integrity and selflessness. He neither bends nor breaks despite the horrors he faces in his quest to save a kingdom and its princess. On her journey to save her homeland, the princess loses her innocence and becomes a warrior fighting the forces of darkness that want to kill her and aiding Mykkael when he needs help to fight the sorcerer’s thralls.

Harriet Klausner


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